Document Scanner: iPhone, PDF, WebDav, iDisk, Google Docs

DocumentScanner will turn your iPhone into a pocker scanner for your documents.

With DocumentScanner you will be able to take pictures, enhance them, combine them into multipage PDF documents, and transfer them over Wi-Fi, e-mail or Internet.

Creating multi-page PDF documents has never been so easy! Simply flip trough the available pictures, touch to select / deselect them, drag to order the pages to your liking.

Simple and powerful image enhancing tools. Let DocumentScanner automatically enhance the image for you, or manually fix perspective deformations, tune brightness, contrast and color saturation, with results preview in real time!

Are you in a hurry right now and have no time to waste enhancing images? No worries, with the quick shot button you will be adding pictures to the application as fast as your iPhone can handle them! You can edit them later on if you want. Actually, if you edit an image that is already being used in one or more PDF documents, they will be automatically regenerated for you.

With DocumentScanner you can:

  • take pictures
  • let DocumentScanner automatically enhance picture quality
  • manually alter brightness, contrast, color intensity
  • correct perspective deformations
  • combine pictures into multipage PDF documents
  • store any number of pictures and PDF documents
  • protect PDF documents with a password

DocumentScanner requires no Internet connection except for e-mail or Google Docs sharing.

There are several ways to share your data:

  • send pictures and documents via e-mail
  • use your web browser to get them over Wi-Fi with our easy to use web interface
  • publish them to any Google Docs account (you can configure as many accounts as you like)
  • pictures can also be exported to iPhone's camera roll or copied to the clipboard

News in upcoming version (1.1)

Version 1.1 introduces support for publishing on:

  • WebDAV servers
  • Apple iDisk accounts

Also, Wi-Fi sharing can now be restricted with username and passowrd.

Moreover, a bug has been fixed where the most recently added network account would overwrite access credentials for all the other ones. Important: it is necessary for the user to delete and re-add all network accounts to take advantage of the fix.

WebDAV compatibility has been tested on, and servers, but should work on other service providers as long as they adhere to the standards.

Document Scanner is a product by Mobile Zirak.